‘Persona’ actress, cara Delevingne, will be in ‘Personas’ for ‘Personals’ season 3

Newsweek magazine is listing a slew of celebrity profiles for the third season of the popular Showtime series “Personas,” which is currently filming in the UK.

The publication said the first season of “Persona” will premiere in the U.S. on Showtime on December 8. 

The magazine did not provide details about who will play the characters in the third, or season. 

For example, one profile noted that “PersonA” actress Cara Delevedne will appear as a character in season 3, while actress Liza Minnelli will be a character who appeared in season 2.

“Persona’s” star Lili Reinhart, who also stars in “The Last of Us,” also tweeted on Sunday that she was “excited to be on the show” in season three. 

“I’m excited to be a part of the new season,” she tweeted.

“In Season 3, I will be playing a new character called ‘PersonA,’ which will be played by Cara De LaVeau in Season 3.

I will also be the one to find and recruit the new protagonist, Paige.” 

The new character will be the first in a series of new characters introduced in the series. 

Season 3 is expected to be “one of the most ambitious shows” in Showtime history, according to Showtime CEO David Nevins, who said on Monday that the network has a “big plan” for season 3. 

I will be excited to join a team that has already delivered an incredible year of programming, Showtime CEO Dave Nevins said. 

On Monday, Nevins also said that the second season of season 3 of “The Personas” will begin filming in London on Wednesday. 

In the same tweet, he also mentioned that the first-ever “Personals” season will air in 2019.