What’s happening on the Senate floor? – ABC News

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he expects Democrats to pass the nomination of Tom Price, President Donald Trump’s pick to be secretary of health and human services, on Wednesday morning.

McConnell’s remarks came as Democrats began their own effort to bring Price to the Senate for a vote.

Senate Democrats had until Wednesday morning to send a letter to Senate President Chuck Schumer and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office demanding that the confirmation process begin.

Schumer, however, has so far said he won’t make any move to move the vote.

The Democratic letter said it was not necessary to go to the floor to demand that Price be confirmed, but it was important to show Democrats that Republicans won’t do anything to get Price to vote.

“Democrats in both chambers have shown through their actions and statements throughout this administration that they are determined to stop this nomination from being confirmed,” the letter read.

Democrats also sent a letter asking President Donald Trumps office to review Price’s health records and make sure he complies with Senate rules.

They are calling on Schumer to do the same.

Democrats are also calling on the Republican leader of the Senate to allow a cloture vote on the nomination, arguing that the nomination is not up for a simple majority vote.