Watson personal care company to launch in the UK

Personal care company Watson will launch in Britain.

The company, which has more than 500 employees in London, is one of several companies to have started operations in Britain since Donald Trump’s election victory.

Watson is based in the city’s north and is being acquired by private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

The deal is valued at around $10 billion, according to a Bloomberg report. 

The company’s London headquarters were recently refurbished, and it will now be known as Watson Health Care Group, the Financial Times reported.

The new headquarters, which will include a new headquarters and an office building, will be called Watson London, the newspaper reported. 

Watson has been the focus of a series of protests in the United States.

In Washington, D.C., activists have staged sit-ins to protest against Watson’s plans to expand its medical research into cancer treatments.

The protesters also staged a sit-in outside the company’s headquarters in New York City, according the New York Post. 

“The idea is that it’s about getting people back to work,” said Sarah Jones, one of the protesters, the Post reported.

“It’s about making sure that we have quality care for everyone.” 

In March, President Trump’s health and human services secretary, Tom Price, announced plans to privatize the Department of Health and Human Services.

Price’s announcement comes just months after Trump appointed former Trump adviser Mick Mulvaney as head of the agency.

The announcement came as Trump took aim at Watson and its parent company, the San Francisco-based health care firm Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

 In a statement on Monday, Price said that he will ensure that any plans that Anthem develops are in the public interest. 

Price also said the move would allow Anthem to focus its research and development efforts on improving quality care. 

In addition to Watson, the company announced that it is investing in another company, Cigna, a health care giant. 

Cigna has been trying to sell its stake in Cigni, a healthcare technology company, to the US government since the start of the year. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Watson is expected to continue operating in Britain in 2019. 

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