Trump’s new face cream may help protect skin against aging

The Trump administration has approved a drug to combat skin aging and age-related diseases.

The drug, known as Risperdal, is intended to help prevent wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues.

Risperal is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use to treat patients over the age of 65.

The agency said in a statement that Risoradin “is used in patients over 65 years of age who have established a significant and sustained decline in their facial and body hair.”

“While Risabellin is approved for use in patients aged 65 years and older, Risaridone is used for patients over 50 years of old who have developed a substantial decline in facial hair, which is associated with the onset of age-associated macular degeneration,” the agency said.

Risiadone was approved for treatment of facial hyperpigraphy and age related macular atrophy, the agency noted.

Risa has also been approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and the treatment for a range of other conditions, including the common cold, the statement added.

Rises in U.S. drug prices have raised concern over drug shortages and the potential for increased drug costs, as the costs of prescription drugs rise and the cost of generic drugs become increasingly affordable.

In the latest batch of federal data, Risa, which has been in development for almost 20 years, was approved by regulators on Aug. 3 for the first time in nearly 10 years.

The drug is expected to be approved in early 2019.