How personal care homes can be transformed into private-sector jobs

Business Insider article 2,764 personal care hospitals and nursing homes in Ontario have opened since 2006, but only a fraction have actually received funding from provincial governments.

As many as half of Ontario’s personal care businesses are privately owned, with many still struggling to maintain revenue, according to the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Ontario government says that more than two-thirds of all private-care hospital beds are in Ontario, but many of the private-owned beds are located in rural communities where residents have few other options.

According to a recent study by the Ontario Centre for Policy Alternatives, private-equity firms are the major beneficiaries of the personal care sector.

The firm was a major player in the development of the Affordable Care Act and was awarded the largest number of contracts to build and operate private hospitals in Canada.

The private sector is also a key part of the healthcare system, with health-care providers receiving a large chunk of funding from Ontario.

Private health-insurance companies and private hospitals have been a major beneficiary of Ontario healthcare system.

They receive between two and three per cent of all health-services revenue, and the companies are also big donors to political parties.

Ontario’s private-health sector has been a key player in Ontario’s healthcare system since the health-system was created in the early 1990s.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan was created under the Affordable Healthcare Act to provide health coverage to people in the province, but in the past few years, the private sector has taken a greater share of the tab.

The Liberals, who have pledged to increase spending on health care and reduce spending on private-purchasing plans, have been pushing for changes in the health care sector, particularly in the private health sector.

According to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, more than 1,600 private-insurer hospitals and 24,000 private nursing homes have closed in Ontario since the Liberals came to power in 2014.

The government says it will be able to provide a better public safety net to those families who are at risk of financial hardship as a result of the province’s new personal care care sector strategy, but the plan is expected to cost between $3.7 billion and $5 billion.