Which brand is best for you?

Personalized care products and products that deliver personalized care are gaining traction among some business owners.

But a growing number of consumers want to know what personal care products are best for them and which brand is right for them.

A new survey from IAB, a leading consumer research firm, surveyed more than 800 consumers across 18 industries, asking which brands offer the best personal care packages for them based on how much they spent, and which are best suited for their specific needs.

According to the survey, the top brands on both counts include brands like Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, CVS, Walgens and Home Depot.

For most consumers, they’ll choose a brand based on its personalization capabilities and the type of care package it offers.

IAB found that more than 80 percent of consumers are satisfied with how personal care care products work and are likely to pay more if they’re able to choose the right package for them, especially if they have a health condition.

The brands that make up the top 5 percent of the survey also include:Alphabetical lists of personal care brandsThe top brands that represent the top 20 percent of customers are:Bayer AG , General Electric , Walgarts , CVS Health , Home Depot , Janssen , Johnson & Johnson , Eli Lilly and Johnson & Am.

Source: IAB survey, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg, The Next WeekThis survey found that consumers were more likely to prefer products from brands like CVS and Home Depots than from companies like Walmarts, Johnson&Johnson, and Johnson&am.

The most popular brands in the survey include:CVS , Home Depot , Walgreen’s , Johnson& amp;Johnson , HomeCare , C-Span , Cigna and Johnson and Johnson.

Alphabetically lists of companies that make productsThe top 10 brands that account for 10 percent or more of the overall market are:Alibaba , Johnsonand Johnson , HomeDepot , HomeGard , Johnson, Johnson and Am.

Sources: Iab, BloombergBusinessweek,Bloomberg, TheNextWeekThe survey found there was a similar trend for the health care category, with consumers favoring products from the top 10 health care brands over those from companies that represent less than 10 percent of health care providers.IAB’s survey also found that a majority of consumers would pay more for a personal care package if it included more specific health care benefits.

According the survey:More than 80% of consumers believe that their health care will get better if they can choose the best products that are made by the brands they trust most, said IAB research manager, Michael Naughton.

“I think we’re starting to see more consumers who say they want a personal health care plan that’s customized to their health needs, rather than one that’s based on a company’s ability to provide them the best service,” Naughon said.

For example, the company found that almost half of consumers expect their personal care plan to be more affordable when it comes to a high deductible and higher copayments.

“Personal care plans that don’t include all the high deductible features and copayment plans can be expensive to consumers,” Naugton said.

“So when people say, ‘We’d like to have a personalized plan that provides benefits tailored to our health needs and doesn’t rely on a generic plan,’ it may be a little bit of a surprise to some consumers,” he said.

I can’t say how consumers will respond to the new data.

I would say there’s been a significant shift in consumer attitudes towards personal care services over the past several years, he said, with more consumers opting for personalized care packages.

“The data shows that we’re seeing consumers who were previously hesitant to seek personalized care services and who have had a more accepting attitude towards it,” Nighton said, adding that the data should be a wake-up call to marketers.