‘I think I’ll keep the lights on’


— A Georgia woman said she’s considering turning off her lights after hearing she was charged with a felony for using her car for her personal use.

Kirsten Davis said she purchased her 2015 Toyota Camry about a year ago.

She said she had her license plates and tags changed when she got the license plate and tag from the state.

The license plates have a special tag that says “vehicle,” and it says that it was purchased with the intent of being driven by someone other than herself, Davis said.

I think it’s pretty ironic that they’re charging me with a criminal offense because it was a very simple purchase for me, she said.

The state says Davis sold her car in violation of the law and that her license plate was stolen.

Davis said she plans to file a civil suit against the state, saying she’s not going to have her car back until she pays the fine.

If they get my car back, I’m not going back, Davis added.