Erika Grier: The new mom to a 4-year-old girl is a smart, beautiful woman with an incredible work ethic

Erika “Erika” Grier has been a mom for 4 years now, and she’s already made a huge impact on her family.

“The first thing that I really learned was that I am not the only one who makes mistakes,” Grier said in an interview with the New York Times Magazine.

“I am also not alone in this, I know that.”

Her mom, Erika, and her sister, Ella, have an impressive track record of making sure that everyone gets the best possible care.

Their mother, Lori, is a nurse, but she has also worked in home care for years, too.

“It’s really nice to have someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone gets what they need, that they’re cared for,” Lori Grier told the Times.

“So it’s nice to be able to be a mom like that.”

It’s not just Erika’s amazing track record that has made her an amazing mom.

“Erik’s a great person,” Lori said.

“And it’s very important that we are all doing our best and making sure everybody is well.”

The two have always known that they wanted to have kids, and Lori said, “We thought that we’d be raising a baby for the first time, but it just didn’t happen.”

Lori has been married for over 20 years to Mark Grier, a real estate developer who she met at a cocktail party and later married.

Erika and Mark have two daughters, Sophia and Madison, and Mark is the father of Erika.

Lori’s mother, Lorraine, was also a nurse.

“Lori is so strong and she has this very strong sense of purpose,” Lori told the New Yorker in 2016.

“We have a very big focus on Erika raising the best child possible.

So we do a lot of our parenting in the kitchen and we have a lot more time together.”

She says that Lori is extremely nurturing and she wants her daughter to be happy.

“She’s got a great spirit, and a big heart,” Lori added.

Lori and Erika share their passion for caring for the world around them.

“What we love about the world is that we’re living in a time where we’re changing it for the better,” Erika said in the Times Magazine interview.

“You can’t control that.

It’s a gift that you can’t put a price on.

And so we really want our children to grow up knowing that we care.”

They are very lucky to have a mother like Lori, who is able to put their own family first and give them the best care.

“When you’re in a position like that, it’s really important that you don’t let anyone get in your way, because that’s how you get your family back together,” Eileen said.

The best part about having a mom is that they are very, very supportive of each other.

Lori said that they do not share their finances.

“They’ve never given us anything, so it’s kind of like a blessing in disguise,” Erica Grier explained.

“For us, it was just like, we’ve always been doing this, we love it.

And now we get to do it ourselves.”