I just found out I have a condition called “Persona 5” in my body

I have been diagnosed with Persona 5.

I’m not exactly sure what the “Personas” are for, but I’m sure it’s something that has to do with how I look at people and how I act around them.

In my case, the “character” is my self.

I am the person I am, and I am not meant to be.

I have this disorder because I didn’t realize it.

For those who don’t know, Persona 5 is a visual novel game for the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s very popular in Japan.

There are literally millions of copies of the game around, and the game has a cult following.

My friends and I started playing it around Christmas, and soon after we started playing together, we realized that we had this unique connection.

When we started talking about Persona 5, we started thinking about how the characters in the game would affect us in different ways.

Some of us would like to be a little more physical, some would like a little less, and some would be like the opposite.

People with Persona 3D, for example, tend to look for ways to avoid or manipulate others in games.

While we didn’t have a physical manifestation of Persona 5 yet, we decided to play around with the game’s world.

We thought it would be fun to create a “persona” to represent us, and to make the world feel more like ours.

So we decided that a character we call “the Persona” would look a lot like me, and we made a character named “Me.”

What I’m about to share with you is not an actual Persona.

I’m just sharing my feelings with you.

I want you to know that I love playing Persona 5 with you, and this is my way of showing my love.

We started off by talking about what kind of game we wanted to make.

We decided that we wanted a “real world” story that would be told from the point of view of people who have suffered from this disorder.

But before we could even begin, we needed a Persona.

We also decided to make it something that would work in the context of our personal life.

So we needed to create an “artist persona” that would allow us to express ourselves in a way that felt natural and authentic.

We started by creating a character that would look like a person who was like us, with a similar sense of humor and love of music.

This was the “art persona.”

After we had our “art” Persona, we wanted the player to feel like we were in control of our Persona, and that we were part of the world we were creating.

We chose to make her a male character, and started with her in her “woman” state.

The rest of the story takes place as a side story, but we decided it was important that this was the most accessible character in the entire game.

Next, we created a Persona persona that would act like our real life persona.

This person is very emotional and has a tendency to act crazy.

We made her a woman to make this character feel like a real person.

After creating a persona persona for this person, we also created a “player persona.”

This person was supposed to be the person who would interact with the player in the real world.

This persona is supposed to have a certain personality, and act like a character.

Since we wanted this to be as real as possible, we made her have a personality based on a “characteristics.”

The characteristics of the person we were making was determined by the character class we wanted our Persona to have.

If we wanted someone to act “normal” in a game, we had to make them a “normal person.”

If we wanted them to be “crazy,” “sociopathic,” or “dangerous,” we had two choices.

The first option was to make someone with the “normal personality” and a “bad personality.”

The second option was a “crazy person.”

So, we ended up with a “good person” and an “evil person.”

The person who is in charge of making the player “normal.”

As the player, she will have an intense personality that will drive her to explore the world.

She will act in a very different way than what we normally would.

This is where we had some trouble figuring out the “right” way to present a player with a Persona character.

We didn’t want to make a “happy ending” or anything, but at the same time, we didn´t want to put our player in an uncomfortable position.

As a result, we used an art persona to give the player a unique personality.

We created a character with a very similar sense in mind to me. However,