How will the NHL’s personalized car mats affect the game?

The NHL is working on the technology, which would be built into the new uniforms and would allow fans to adjust their cars on-the-fly during a game.

The goal would be to make it easier for fans to change their uniforms on the fly during games, which could also help keep the game more exciting.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the NHL said it is looking into the technology to provide fans with an alternative to changing jerseys on the bench, which is an issue during playoff games.

It would not be an ideal solution for a player who has to take off the jersey after an ice-cold game and put on a different one in order to compete.

However, the league said it’s looking into developing a “personalized” car mat that would allow players to adjust the style of their uniforms.

It is not clear how the new technology would work in practice.

The NHL said the technology would be implemented as part of the uniform redesign process.

The team will start a process of evaluating the technology and evaluating its impact on game day.

The league also said it will make the technology available to teams, including the Dallas Stars, Los Angeles Kings and Winnipeg Jets, before the start of the season.