How to make your house look like a crashed car

It’s hard to overstate how badly this crash happened.

The car was driving too fast to slow down, and it hit a fence and toppled over.

It killed two people, injured many more, and left a mess that was eventually discovered to be a “mixed bag” of debris.

The damage was so bad, in fact, that it was the third time in a row that a car crashed into a fence.

“It just broke through the fence and just crushed everything, like a truck hitting a concrete slab,” Carole Dandridge, who lives in the area, told ABC News.

The accident was caught on video, and you can see the car’s mangled front bumper and shattered windshield below.

The driver, a 47-year-old man named William A. O’Connor, was driving home from work when he collided with a large red Ford pickup truck that was traveling west on the interstate in North Carolina, according to a press release from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

“We’re pretty sure it was an accident,” O’Neill’s wife, Lisa O’Nolan, told the AP.

She described her husband as “very nice” and said he was the nicest person you’d ever meet.

“He was the kind of person that would go out and do anything for anybody that needed him, and he did.

He was a great dad, a good husband, and a great son,” she said.

O’,Nolan told ABC affiliate WLOS that her husband was driving in the same direction as the pickup truck when the collision occurred, which he said was an error.

The pickup was heading south on Interstate 74, and O’Neal said he “went in a little bit too fast” and the pickup hit the curb.

“When he hit the car, the car just completely buckled,” Lisa O`Nolan said.

“And he had no idea where he hit it until he got home.”

It’s unclear whether the crash was caused by O’Brien’s actions, or by the fact that he drove at speeds that are too fast for human drivers to safely control.

In the video, the pickup driver can be heard saying, “This is my truck, you can’t hit my truck.”

But he didn’t have to stop at all.

The crash happened so close to a busy intersection that the truck and car didn’t even come to a complete stop until the driver stopped.

“That was an incredible sight,” Dandridges told ABC.

“I saw the truck hit the side of the car and then the car went right through it.”

O’Neil was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts each of reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the release, O’nolan said that the couple did not have insurance for the pickup and that her car was totaled.

“She said that she was told to drive it off,” the release said.

He could have avoided the accident and paid for it himself, but he didn, according the release.

The couple has filed for divorce.