What’s in your personal care routine? quizlet

This quizlet takes a look at the different types of personal care products and how they work.

It also provides answers to some basic questions about each.

How many of these products are available in your area?

How many are currently available?

How common are these products?

How effective are these personal care items?

What’s in each product?

What kinds of ingredients are in each?

What are the differences between personal care and household care products?

Do you use these products everyday?

If so, what kinds of things do you use them for?

What types of products do you keep in your home?

How much do you spend per month on personal care?

What’s the average cost per month?

What kinds of products are the most common?

What do you like about personal care that you don’t like with household products?

What should you consider before purchasing a personal care product?

How do you think personal care will be impacted by climate change?

How do you plan to adapt to changing climate?

Do personal care prices increase with the number of products you purchase?

Do price increases affect how much you spend on personal and household products each month?

How long will you have to buy your personal and/or household products before the price goes down?

Are prices stable?

How will consumers react to higher prices?

How often do you buy your products?

Are you concerned about price hikes?

Do consumers have a strong preference for one type of product over another?

What kind of products would you buy if you had to choose between a certain type of personal and home care product every month?

Which products would make the best choice for you?

Are there any personal care brands that have low price points?

What brands are currently leading the personal care revolution?