The Lad’s wife died in an accident: ‘I never imagined her would be dead’

An Indian woman who died in a crash on a private road in India in 2014 was a caretaker of her husband, a man who was driving a car, and their infant daughter, according to a report.

The Lad, who has not been named, died in the accident on the Gautam Das Road in Haryana state on May 22, 2016, according the Times of India.

The Lad had recently been living in India and was staying with her husband in his hometown.

The woman, who was in her 50s, was riding her bike when the accident happened.

She was hit by the back of the car.

“The accident killed her instantly,” said the Lad’s father, a resident of the region.

The couple’s son, a doctor, also suffered minor injuries.

The baby was born on May 29.

India has a large number of accident and road deaths.

The number of people killed on roads is estimated to be over 1,300,000 annually, according TOI.