My daughter was bullied for being overweight and I took her to the emergency department

My daughter, who has Down syndrome, was bullied by classmates and friends for being fat, according to a report in the US, in which her family say the school has been ‘unfair and unfair to me’.

‘I have no sympathy for her and she’s been bullied for a long time,’ her mother said.

‘I just wanted to be heard.

I just want her to be okay.

I have no idea why she was bullied.’

The report also reveals that Brookside Academy in Brooklyn, New York, is one of the biggest private schools in the country with more than 1,100 students.

It is owned by the family of billionaire investor John Arnold and has been accused of bullying by the American Association of School Administrators (AAASA).

The organisation has accused Brookside of being ‘hostile’ to students with disabilities.

Brookside denies bullying My daughter has been bullied by the school and I have not been told to take her to see the doctor, her mother told The Daily Beast.

I was told I should go to the doctor but I didn’t go.

‘When I went to the school to see her I saw a lot of people who had Down syndrome there,’ she said.

They had made me feel unsafe.

My daughter’s school is so far behind when it comes to disability.

I feel like a second class citizen.

She’s a young child and we don’t have that kind of education, my mother said in the video.

‘They’re bullying her because she’s disabled, and it’s not fair.

I’m going to continue to fight this.’

She has also complained about the school’s policy of requiring students to wear a dress code, which has caused a lot more discomfort.

The Daily Caller News Foundation asked Brookside School for comment.