Azelis, personal care brand ‘the next evolution’

Azelias Personal Care is an international company with a focus on the personal care sector.

The company has already launched two products, the Azeliis S personal care and the AZ-C3 personal care brush.

The brand has also created a new range of products for the cosmetics and personal care market.

The Azelia personal care range is designed to be the next evolution of the brand.

Azelisi’s brand manager, Christian Hagen, said that the brand is currently working on the Az-C line of personal care brushes, which will be similar to the brushes available in the Azo-C range.

The brushes are intended to appeal to people who are interested in personal care.

“They’re really great products that are easy to use and will also appeal to those who are more advanced,” Hagen told News24.

“The brush itself is very lightweight and is also very compact.”

The company launched the AZE-C1 brush in 2016.

“We are very excited about the future of the Aze-C brand,” Hagan said.

“It will be great to have a range of brush designs, which are all very different from each other.”

The brushes will also be available in other European countries.

The range is expected to launch in 2018, according to Hagen.

Aza-C The brand launched its first line of brushes in 2016, with a line of hair products called Aza.

The hair products are aimed at those who need to use more than one brush for different purposes.

Azo has now expanded its range to include the Aza C brush and a line called AZ brush.

AZ brushes have a unique shape, designed to allow for the brush to easily glide across the skin, making it a great option for those who want a more professional look.

Hagen explained that the brushes are designed to offer a softer, more natural feel.

“There’s also a brush-based cream that has a nice brush feel,” Hager said.

Hagan also revealed that the Azz brushes are already available in some countries.

“That’s a really good thing,” Hagn said.

The brands products will be available globally, with the Azeriis C-brush and Aze brush already available.

“As soon as we’re able to do it in the USA, that’s going to be really good news for our brand,” said Hagn.

The two brushes are similar in terms of style, as they have the same brush shape, Hagen said.

Aze brushes are also similar to Aze hair brushes.

The brush shape is the same as Aze’s hair brushes, but the bristles are a bit different.

“Aze is a brush with a small, square brush head,” Hagg said.

He explained that Aze bristles have a higher density, making them ideal for hair.

“And also they have a bit of a kick,” Hag added.

The team at Aza has already built up a very strong customer base.

“One of the reasons we built the brand was to give it a solid base and a lot of support,” Hage said.

It was not easy to start the brand and have it thrive on its own, Hagg added.

“But we’ve built up this amazing fan base in just the last few years.

It’s really nice to see that, as a company, we’ve actually done something about it.”

Azo C- and Aza B brushes will be made available in two different colourways, according the company.

AZE C and AZE B will be offered in three colours, with each colour available in three different sizes, according Hagen: the standard size, the smaller size, and the larger size.

Hager also said that they are looking to expand the range to add more colour options.

“Now that we have a little bit more of the range available, we will definitely be looking at expanding the range,” he said.

Another new product coming in 2018 is the A Z-C brush.

“I think the A Ze brush is a really solid product,” Hagi said.

There is currently no word on when the new brushes will arrive in the US, but Hagg confirmed that they will be launching in the fall.

“You will be able to see them soon,” Haga said.

If you are interested to know more about Azo, visit their website.

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