Woman in intensive care unit has brain injury, her family says

An Indian woman who died in intensive, intensive care after suffering a stroke at a hospital in Mumbai has been named by her family as Ajinomoti Ajayi.

The 42-year-old was admitted to the ICU of Jyoti Hospital in central Mumbai on February 23 after a stroke.

Doctors told her family that the cause of her death was a cerebral haemorrhage, according to the family.

The family, who is not able to identify the deceased due to her condition, asked the media to refrain from reporting the identity of the deceased until her family’s request for privacy was granted, according the Indian Express.

Doctors said that she suffered a stroke, and the family is seeking compensation.

She had received treatment at the JJ Hospital, in central Bombay, but she had not been admitted there, according with NDTV.

Doctors at the hospital told NDTV that Ajinomi’s condition was critical.

She was in intensive critical care, where she had to be moved to the intensive care ward, according NDTV’s report.

Doctors were reportedly able to take her blood pressure and blood chemistry and make a diagnosis.