Police car ‘lost for weeks’ after it was hit by car in Melbourne’s west

Police have been asked to investigate after a vehicle that was parked in a residential street was left with the front wheels missing for more than weeks.

Key points:Police said they have been advised of the vehicle’s history of serious collision damage and maintenance issuesKey points -The car is believed to be about five years old and had been parked in St Kilda for about three monthsEarlier this year, a police car was hit in the city by a car travelling at 80km/hThe vehicle’s front wheel was damaged, but the rear wheels remained in placeThe car was reported missing in August, and police said they had received a report of a collision and a maintenance issue.

Officers said they received a call on Wednesday about the missing front wheels.

“The collision was at a speed of approximately 80kmh and involved a vehicle travelling at a rate of approximately 40km/hr,” the Melbourne Police Service (MPS) said in a statement.

“While the driver of the car had lost control of the front wheel, the rear wheel remained on the ground and the driver was not injured.”

Police said the car was parked for about two weeks, with its front wheels “unscathed”.

“At this time the police have been informed of the history of these serious collisions and the extensive damage and issues with the vehicle, including damage to the engine compartment and rear wheel,” the statement said.

“We are aware of the extensive maintenance and damage that occurred and are continuing to undertake repairs.”‘

I’m worried about my car’Police said one of the cars involved in the collision was “completely and utterly” covered with damage, and the rear end had been “completely destroyed”.

“We’ve been very concerned about the extent of the damage and we have received a number of reports of the driver having left the vehicle parked for some time,” the MPS said.”[A]t this time we’ve received a referral to the Victorian Police for further investigation.”

A police officer said they were aware of a previous incident in which a vehicle was hit on the Mascot Highway in Melbourne in September 2016, with the rear of the Toyota Vibe driven away from a road junction and into a ditch.

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